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We provide you with an individualized program which includes the latest advancements in ED, traditional treatments, and natural supplement to help you obtain - and sustain - improvements in your erection.

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How do we treat ED?

We provide the most advanced treatments for erectile dysfunction by utilizing the state of the art therapies in platelet rich plasma and RegenWave Therapy - low intensity shock wave technology. We surpass other centers with the specific design of our E.D. programs that combine a number of treatment modalities to provide optimal results.


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    "I have my erections back. If I could drop the mic I would (joking).  I am happy and my girl is also happy.  I can't say enough how their therapy saved my relationship and gave me more confidence. "

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    overall experience

    "The personalized, collaborative approach to treating my stubborn case of ED was a refreshing change from the previous providers I'd seen. I'd previously failed numerous treatments - including oral medications - and am relieved to have someone in my corner as dedicated as the doctors at Regen E.D."

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    "To say I'm impressed with the firmness and quality of erections after the P-shot- platelet rich plasma would be a serious understatement. Regen E.D. has revitalized the sex life that I thought I'd lost forever. Can't recommend them highly enough."

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    "The doctors and staff at Regen E.D. are top notch. The programs were comprehensive and I couldn't be happier with the results of my RegenWAVE therapy. I'll definitely be back if I have any problems again!"

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